Additional Sponsorship


Additional Sponsorship

VIP Reception Sponsor

2 x Literature racks in VIP area
Branding on VIP entrance pull ups
Name check at opening remarks
2 x pull ups to appear in VIP reception
Increased logo presence on all collateral as VIP Reception sponsor
5 x staff access to VIP area

Total Cost: £3,500

Table Sponsor

Branded as table sponsor on all collateral
1 x giveaway to be placed at each table setting (sponsor to provide)
1 x giveaway to be placed on poser tables in the main reception area (not VIP)
Increased logo presence on all collateral as Table Sponsor

Total Cost: £5,000

Slide Show Presentation Sponsor

The awards are split in two halves with the main meal of the evening lasting approximately 1.5 hours. A looping slide show of up to 10 minutes can be played on the main screens during this period. This will be played a minimum of 4 times during the meal.

Total Cost: £4,000

Entrance Pull Up Branding

2 x pull up banners (artwork provided by the sponsor) to be placed in a prominent position at the entrance to the awards

Total Cost: £1,450

Festive Bag Sponsor

A sponsored festive bag given to each guest as they leave the awards to include:
1 x Item of sponsors choice inserted in to the bag (to be provided by sponsor)
Branded bag or box with corporate logo
Half bottle of red or white wine
1 x festive gift
1 x standard table of 10
2 free entries into the Awards to distribute to your customers (please note these entries must be used by ‘end user’ orgnasiations)

Total Cost: £15,000

For further information on any of the sponsorship opportunities or to understand more about becoming involved in The European Software Testing Awards please contact:

Kadi Diallo
Events Executive

[email protected]

+44 (0) 203 668 6942